Detailed review PGS Varadero Hotel 4+

Detailed review of the PGS Varadero Hotel 4+. Aka Fiesta Americana Punta Varadero (old name)


Everything is fine, except for the guide Said (you will immediately run into him, you will not confuse him). I’ll start right away with the cons. Tin. Breeds tourists on low-quality excursions. Black checkout, lobster poaching. With claims then you will not achieve anything — banning in messengers. Do not buy from him excursions from third-party and local cheaper and better. Individual at such prices, not the crowd. Plus, Said performs there with a three-hour divorce for money (Said’s clown with circus performances to swindle tourists — «Said’s Tales» even called him there in the hotel chat) — takes your time than listening to his humor, you could swim in the sea for three hours you paid for it. Plus a lot of criminal activity. I asked them for my receipts for paying for excursions, to see if everything was legal, through the state of Cuba, how much of my money went to ordinary Cubans — checks are not specifically issued. Black box office and lobster poaching are rampant. Who is really behind this Pegas Touristik, whether Said himself, the yacht company, is stealing, is not known, this should be done by the Cuban and Russian prosecutors. I somehow feel uncomfortable that I was made an accomplice in the robbery of the state and ordinary Cubans.

Also, the Pegasus tourist misleads everyone — in addition to the euro, dollars are also taken in Cuba in the same way. Only Pegasus himself takes euros in order to rip off tourists more expensively on his excursions, which is why he writes like that. Don’t see it. In Cuba, indeed, 1 euro = one dollar (the only unique currency place on the planet). Order a tour from Pegasus for 100 euros, and from other organizations (full on the Internet) for 60 dollars, so count the difference. Only there will be fewer people and better quality.

Everything else about the hotel is great. Mosquitoes by nature there are a lot of them, it does not depend on the hotel. Take protection. Do not change the pesos, then you will not get rid of them. Rested March 5, 2023. The weather was good, one day only a storm. Latino cabaret girls perform, pantyhose are all darned with huge seams (net tights are in short supply) who generously give them. The food is good, blue cheese was given, shells, seafood, octopuses. There is a cocktail bar and a cafeteria with free coffee. Shampoo and soap are provided, toothbrushes and toothpaste are not.

Another of the minuses — they do not often clean the room, towels are cleaned once (with towels such an official rule). Beer at the bar (refrigerator in the room) is collected by many, and then exchanged for something from the locals, for fruit, for example. The air conditioners in the rooms are good. The furniture is not broken. not dirty. A 4 star hotel is worth it.

Ordinary Cubans (99%) are nice, kind, calm, polite. Not spoiled by capitalism and not embittered.

The hotel has a telegram chat for vacationers — it’s convenient to change something, ask.

Internet mostly in the lobby only occasionally in the room. Every two days you need to renew your access to the reception.

Local men give flowers to girls. They gave me three. Although they grow everywhere, they are very cute and pleasant, smiling from ear to ear.

If you go along the beach to the peak of the spit (about 20 minutes walk), you will reach the mangroves. There are even turtles and pelicans.

In general, Cuba is charming. Bright tropical nature, ocean. Only the poor local population is upset, they live hard. From this you feel involuntarily snickering muzzle). I always handed out sweets to children there, for our child this is nonsense, but for ordinary residents they have joy and shortage.

Rum and cigars are best taken in Havana. It’s cheaper there. But a souvenir is cheaper on Varadero. You can take out shells. Nobody cared. Brought out one large very beautiful. It is a pity that only one — I was afraid of customs. Took out a lot of little ones. You can export 3 liters of rum and 50 cigars. The rest can be bought a little more expensive in duty free. According to the excess baggage at the Cuban airport — put $ 5 in your passport to the customs officer with weights — and he writes you 10 kg instead of your 15. My friend did this on the advice in front of my eyes and everything worked.

The flight is long Nord Windom, but it is easily tolerated, oddly enough. The plane is very old, the food on the plane is disgusting.

Rested from March 5 to March 17. Wonderful weather. Sunny, 26 degrees. One day was only overcast with light rain.


























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